Valentine’s Day 2015 Gift Guide for Gals

Happy Tuesday lovelies!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! I’m so excited! I just love the day that is dedicated to love!

Here are a few fun gift ideas for the gals in your life! Or for yourself! Sometimes it’s necessary to treat yourself too!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide Women // Fancy Ashley


Need more gift giving inspiration?! Check out my MEN’S VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT GUIDE!

What’s on your Valentine’s Day wish list this year?

He Works Out

Happy Thursday lovelies!!!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I have been brainstorming gift ideas for my hubby (and the little presidents, more on their gifts later). He’s really pretty tough to buy for because he really wants for nothing and never has a wish list. But, I always like to get him a little something! Since the beginning of the new year, we have both been back at the gym in full force (along with everyone else!). Workout gear seemed like the best idea for a Valentine’s Day gift this year!  Enter my favorite store ever, Nordstrom! I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I love Nordstrom! For SO many reasons, but my main reason is, it’s a one stop shop. I can get everything I need for the whole fam bam at any given time, for any occasion! In this case, I can get the hubby a couple gifts for Valentine’s Day and grab a few goodies for the little presidents (and myself!) too! Love that!!!!

Men's Nike Active Wear // Fancy Ashley


Nike dri-fit shirts are my hubby’s favorite, so I figured that would be the perfect thing to start with! In addition to the tee, I decided that a pair of knit training shorts, a hoodie, a water bottle and a pair of new shoes, seemed like a REALLY great gift! Honestly, who wouldn’t love this gift?! I think any or all of these items would be really awesome to open up on Valentine’s Day or birthday or for no reason at all. I am a huge fan of the “just because gift.” I would pretty much LOVE to receive some women’s workout gear for Valentine’s Day as well (Hope you are taking notes, Mr. Fancy!)!

See a few more Nike men’s workout gear items that I love, below!

More JACKET options:

More SHIRT options:

 More PANTS/SHORTS options:

More SHOE options:

I hope this gives you some gift giving inspiration for the gym-loving guys in your life!

This post was brought to you by Nordstrom. As always opinions are my own.

Goldfish Valentine’s Day Treat with FREE Printables

Happy Tuesday lovelies!!!!

Are you already thinking about Valentine’s Day?! I am! I’m trying to get ahead of the game for once! This week, I’m planning out this year’s Valentine’s cards and gifts! Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some fun gift/card ideas for the whole fam bam!

I created these adorable printables last year for Teddy’s Valentine’s Day treats for his class and they were a HUGE hit with him and his pals! He was SOOOOOO excited to give them to his classmates! I figured I would share the link again in case you missed it last year and need a cute and quick Valentine’s Day treat idea for your kiddo(s)!

Goldfish VDay Treat // Fancy Ashley

Goldfish VDay Treat // Fancy Ashley

You can see my full tutorial with FREE printables HERE!!!

I hope your week is off to a fabulous start!

IKEA Rast Hack

Hi friends! I wanted to thank you for your love and support on Monday’s post. It’s definitely been a wild ride this past year and I am so thankful that we are all settling in here now. Your kind words meant a lot and for those of you going through similar times, please know that you’re in my prayers. xoxo.

It’s no secret to most of you that I love a good DIY project. I am always trying to become handier. I have a lot to learn, but I’m having fun as I go. Ikea is my main place to go to get items to DIY. Back in August, I picked up 4 of their RAST dressers. You really can’t beat the $35 price tag on these things, especially if you are in need of a few dressers/nightstands!

One of my latest DIY projects was for Teddy’s room.

He had been needing more storage for clothing, so I thought two dresser/nightstands would be a perfect solution. The drawers are not huge, but it works for us and I like having separate drawers for separate items. Example: pants in one drawer, long sleeve shirts in one drawer, etc. It helps keep the clothes organized. We could not fit everything into both RASTS, so he also has his small dresser in his closet that holds school clothes and some pajamas.

I wanted a reclaimed wood type of look with a grayish tint. He has THIS CONSOLE TABLE in his room, so I wanted the wood to go together nicely.

DIY Ikea Rast Hack // Fancy Ashley

I used Rustoleum Weathered Grey Wood Stain with Annie Sloan Dark Wax (purchased at a local store) and it worked out perfectly and turned out exactly like I had envisioned it.

Here is what I did:

I started off with the Weathered Grey Stain. I painted on small sections…

DIY IKEA Rast Hack // Fancy Ashley

and then wiped off the stain with a paper towel.

DIY IKEA Rast Hack // Fancy Ashley

It’s a bit of a lengthy process and messy too. But, painting is relaxing to me, so I actually enjoyed it.

DIY IKEA Rast Hack // Fancy Ashley

After I had done this to all my pieces, they looked like this. It’s actually a pretty color as is, I just wanted to get the color a little more perfect for his room.

DIY IKEA Rast Hack // Fancy Ashley

DIY IKEA Rast Hack // Fancy Ashley

My next step was to add the Annie Sloan Dark Wax. If you have never used this before, it’s pretty cool stuff. I am constantly brainstorming other ways to use it. I started off by brushing wax onto small areas and wiping it off with a paper towel again. THIS BRUSH was recommended for the wax application.

DIY IKEA Rast Hack // Fancy Ashley

DIY IKEA Rast Hack // Fancy Ashley DIY IKEA Rast Hack // Fancy Ashley

After I had done a whole piece, it looked like this.

DIY IKEA Rast Hack // Fancy Ashley

Here is a side by side comparison of the weathered grey (left) and the weathered grey with the dark wax on top (right).

DIY IKEA Rast Hack // Fancy Ashley

After all the pieces were dry, Mr. Fancy helped me add the hardware and put the dressers together.

I am THRILLED with how they turned out and so is Teddy!

DIY IKEA Rast Hack // Fancy Ashley

DIY IKEA Rast Hack // Fancy Ashley

You can see the LAMPS HERE and the blanket basket HERE. The tumbled pewter dresser pulls were purchased from the Home Depot.

I’m actually currently working on my other two RASTS this week and I hope to be back with my DIY post on those next week or the week after!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

The One Year Mark


  Thankful // Fancy Ashley

We are coming up on the one year mark of our move to Texas.

It’s been a year. In some ways it seems like the year flew by. In some ways it seems like the year drug on. In other ways it feels like I was just packing up our house, yesterday. Time is funny like that. You can feel all those feelings about time in the same thought.

I thought an update was necessary because I haven’t talked about the move much lately. When I look back at 2014, I think, “man that was a year of lessons.” Moving is tough. It just is. I’ve moved a lot in my lifetime. As a kid and teenager, I thought it was the end of the world, but always adapted and thrived and loved the adventure, in the end. I would say the moving that was done in my childhood helped to shape who I am today. I’ve always felt like I could move anywhere and eventually be okay. As a single adult, I loved the adventure of moving and just knew that I would be fine wherever I went. When we discussed our potential move to Texas, I thought it would be hard, but I don’t think I realized it would be as hard as it was, if that makes sense? I mean really moving isn’t ever going to be easy with kids and family in tow. But, I think my experience just proved to be tougher than I could even imagine.

Saying goodbye to family, friends, babysitters, doctors, etc was awful. I can still remember sobbing as I hugged our pediatrician and said goodbye. A year later, I still have not found a doctor that fills his shoes. And that’s the hardest part, you leave and know you’ll need to find all new doctors, friends, etc, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. No one will replace my best friend and her family who lived a couple houses down from us. No one ever could. She’s my person. We’ve had some of the best times together. But, it’s hard being so far away. Thankfully, I see my family a few times a year and they are planning to visit early this year as well. We talk a lot on text, phone and thank God for FaceTime. I hate being a plane ride away though. As I said goodbye to my grandparents at Thanksgiving, I cried. I just wish I could be near everyone. I love my family a lot. We’ve been through a lot together, so to be this far away is not something I think I’ll ever really get used to. No one can replace our doctors, hair stylists, babysitters, etc. You find new, but I still wonder if I’ll ever feel the same about those people years down the line, like I did about our California people.

I would say that 2014 started off pretty darn lonely. I missed family and friends like crazy. I was in a tiny apartment with none of my things. We brought a couple suitcases of clothes and a few kitchen items and that was it. I couldn’t seem to snap out of it. I would come back to the apartment that we stayed in while our house was being finished, and just cry some days. I didn’t have the easiest time making friends. It’s hard when friend groups are already established and they’re not looking for newbies or when you just don’t feel a connection with people. I look back and think that I wish I could’ve known that I would be okay here in the beginning.. Like I knew I would, but at the same time, daily, I thought we couldn’t stay here and needed to move back. For awhile I even told Mr. Fancy that, probably daily, which looking back, must have been so stressful on him. But, I really didn’t know who else to tell.

I can still remember packing up the old house. It didn’t feel real. After we sold the house, I kept thinking of all the things I loved about it. I still do actually, even though I love our new house. I remember walking through one last time and thinking “this is it.” It was pretty sad and honestly I still kind of wonder what the people that moved in, have done to it. Did they keep my window treatments? Did they actually put a sauna in the guest bathroom shower area like they said they planned to? Those kinds of things. I think about Teddy and Reagan’s rooms and wonder what they look like now. I’m not sure why I even care, but we put a lot of love into that house, so I still think of it often. It’s funny, because as much as I loved the house, I don’t think I realized it until after we sold it and were about to move.

I get emails a lot about moving. You want to know if it’s really hard and how to cope, etc. I think each person has to go through their own emotions on that one. It’s hard to know what to say. If I’m being honest, I would say that moving across the country with two toddlers was one of the hardest things I’ve done in my adult life so far. The people you leave behind are not only your people, but they are the kids’ people too. So, you are not only losing people, but so are your kids. That’s really hard to watch. I can now understand what my mom must have felt when we were moving, as kids. Teddy started school a couple days after we got here and honestly, he really adapts to most situations pretty easily. He didn’t have the easiest time in school with the work, but he didn’t really even realize that. He made friends and had things to look forward to and was happy for the most part. He missed friends and stuff about the house. They still sometimes say “when can we go back to the house in San Diego?” Like they just don’t really get the finality of the move, I guess. Reagan struggled a bit when we got here, which I was not expecting. She was just down and not herself. We started ballet and she looked forward to that each week. After a bit of time, she was more settled and was back to her old self. I worried a lot about them too. No one ever wants their babeis to struggle. Once we moved into the house, I thought we would all feel more settled, mainly me. That really wasn’t the case. I remember sitting on my couch listening to the little presidents play and thinking “everyone is happy here, but me.” Just thinking about that brings tears to my eyes. The little presidents love the house and honestly it’s such a great floor plan for kids. I just love how much they love their rooms and playroom.

We spent a month of the summer in California with my family. It just seemed like a great way to pass the time of the summer without being solo 24/7. Once we got home, I hit the ground running on projects and really tried to finish up house projects that I had started. I really though that the more finished the house was, the better I would feel. And in a sense it does help. The chaos of unfinished rooms and boxes stresses me out. It kept me busy, but I still didn’t feel like this was really the place we were meant to be. I had a really bad evening one night and came home and just sobbed. I called my hubby who was out of town and he asked me if I had prayed about it, like really prayed about it. So, I prayed and cried and prayed and cried. I feel like that was a turning point night for me.

It took some time…9 months to be exact, but I made friends. I finally felt like I was back in the groove. I still miss our people there. I still miss things about California, but I am finally feeling more settled here. I finally reached a point where I thought “We are going to be okay here.” It was a good feeling. I must admit that Christmas was tough. We always hosted my family and our friends Christmas Day and it was really hard to have such a quiet Christmas Day this year with just the four of us. My hubby and I both felt it. We loved that day with fam and friends. My sister and I might have called each other in tears a couple times and again thank God for FaceTime, because we did that a few times too.

I guess what I am getting at is, we are doing okay here. The little presidents are happy. I do feel it was a good decision for us to move. I’m glad I can type that out now. If you would’ve asked me that last March, I might have said “heck no!” But, all joking aside, moving is hard. It really is. I think everyone has their own experiences. This was mine and mine was hard. Harder than I imagined hard could be. When I see an email come through about an upcoming move, I pray that that person has an easier time than I did. I feel like a year later, I can actually see that I learned a lot from this year. One thing being, I should have had more faith in the beginning. Would it have been easier on me? Maybe. I think I could’ve enjoyed things a little more had I have known that eventually life would be okay here.

I hope this all makes sense. It might be a bunch of rambling. But, that’s okay, rambles it is.

Life marches on and I am looking forward to feeling even more settled here in 2015.

Friday Faves

Happy Friday, lovelies!

We are slowly coming out of the Christmas and New Year’s fog. It has been a pretty relaxing week with some much needed downtime for all of us!

I spent most of yesterday going through closets and purging. It feels good to start January with a clean slate and I came to the realization that we have moved a lot of things that we could’ve and should’ve gotten rid of before we moved.

On today’s agenda is work in the playroom and the craft suite. I’m on a mission to get this place organized once and for all!

Here are few things that are my faves this week!


One of my favorite places to buy personalized plates, etc for the little presidents is on sale for up to 40% off today! I get asked a lot where we get their plates, so I wanted to share with you all! These are not only awesome for your own kiddos, but they make really great gifts as well! Shop the sale HERE!

personalized plate


One of my goals for 2015 is to eat (drink) more fruits and veggies, so I have decided to start juicing. I bought THIS JUICER the other day and I am having so much fun making a bunch of different concoctions. The little presidents are loving it too! I’m really hoping we can keep it up once school starts. I am loving the energy that it has given me so far! THIS BOOK is on my list too! I’m super excited to be trying this!! Do you juice?

Little Presidents Juice // Fancy Ashley


The SELFIE STICK. We are LOVING this thing! It’s hilarious and neat at the same time! It’s been so fun to be able to take pics of all four of us when it’s only just the four of us! We are having so much fun with it!

Selfie Stick Pics // Fancy Ashley

Selfie Stick Pics // Fancy Ashley


We surprised the little presidents with a treehouse for Christmas and it was such an exciting morning. Their reactions brought me to tears. This is one of my favorite pictures from when we called them outside to see it for the first time. Pure joy!

Little presidents treehouse // Fancy Ashley


Have you taken down your Christmas decor yet? I have been trying to get it down since the day after Christmas and Mr. Fancy wanted to keep it up. We had it up a week before we left for Thanksgiving this year, so I think I am just ready to get the house back in shape and get it all organized! The little presidents took off most of the ornaments for me! We’ve been working on it the past couple days and I think it’ll all be put away today! Just need to put their trees away…I do love having those in their rooms. I wish we could keep their sweet pink and blue trees up all year!


Don’t forget to check out Anthropologie’s sale. It’s an extra 25% off right now! SO. MUCH. GREAT. STUFF!!!

Happy Weekend!!!

Merry Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas from our fam bam to YOU!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday surrounded by family and friends!

I still can’t believe that December is here! It’s seriously been such a fast year!

I wish I could send a Christmas card to each and every one of you!

Here is this year’s Christmas card!

I write a poem each year with our happenings. I LOVE the poem writing process. It’s totally become a tradition for us and I think people look forward to it. :) If you want to see last year’s card, you can see it HERE.

Fancy Ashley Christmas Card

Fancy Ashley Christmas Card 2014

It was a tough choice to pick a card this year, because they are all so fab, but this gold foil card WON! I LOVE all of Minted’s card options and always have the hardest time choosing. See a few of this year’s runners up HERE.

If you didn’t have a chance to send out Christmas cards, be sure to check out Minted’s New Year’s card selection. I kind of wanted to send both out this year because I loved the New Year’s cards so much! :)

I hope you have the most wonderful Christmas. It will be different for us this year and I am already missing our family and friends that we usually spend Christmas Eve/Day with, but, I am still looking forward to it! We have such a special gift for the little presidents and I cannot WAIT to give it to them! I will hopefully be back next week with all the details of that gift. It has been a labor of LOVE!

Have the most wonderful holiday and know that I am thankful for each and every one of you!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

2nd Annual Holly Jolly PJ Party Linkup

Happy Monday, lovely peeps!

I didn’t mean to take a week off from the bloggity blog, but life was crazy last week. I am glad to have a little breather from the little presidents’ daily school hustle and bustle for 2 weeks!

Today, we are having our second annual pajama party linkup! I love co-hosting this with Darci, Jenny, Natasha and Julie! It’s so much fun!


Just take some pics of your kiddos in their fave Christmas jammies and link up with us here and/or on Instagram!!!

Now, here are some pics of the little presidents. They are such characters. There is never a dull moment around here.



This one is so ridiculously hilarious. They are such a crack up.



Channeling his inner Kevin from Home Alone.




IMG_5192 copy

Both of their jammies can be purchased HERE.

Link up with us here!

Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Gals and Friday Favorites

Happy Friday lovely peeps!

I am READYYYYYYYY for the weekend! Are you with me?

Christmas is almost here! Are you finished shopping yet? I am almost finished. I am so thankful for online shopping. SERIOUSLY!  Here are a few last minute gift ideas for the gals. I would not mind unwrapping any of these fabulous items on Christmas morning!

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Gals // Fancy Ashley

ONE // TWO // THREE // FOUR (30% OFF) // FIVE (30% OFF) // SIX // SEVEN // EIGHT // NINE // TEN

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And now I am linking up with Andrea, Narci and Erika for my Friday Favorites!


Did you see our $1000 giveaway that is happening?! I’m so excited!!! Head over and enter to win HERE!

Holiday Giveaway Graphic


I shared this super cute and EASY teacher gift last week! In case you missed it, here it is! It would also be the perfect gift for a sister or friend! You can purchase the mug HERE and the hot chocolate stick HERE.



We got our fam bam pictures back and there are a few solo pics of the little presidents that I just LOVE!

I love this shot of Teddy so much!!!!! EEEEEKKKK!

Christmas Pics // Fancy Ashley

Teddy’s Outfit Deets: Shirt (30% off) // Bow Tie (30% off) // Pants (30% off) // Boots

I love this one of Reagan and Boo too! So sweet!!!!!

Christmas Pics // Fancy Ashley

Reagan’s Outfit Deets: Shirt (30% off) // Skirt // Boots


You need these sweatpants. Seriously. I’m obsessed with them and think I need them in all the colors! Comfiest pants ever!


I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

$1,000 CASH Giveaway!!!!

Happy Wednesday lovelies!!!

I am SOOOOOOO excited to share this with you!!!!!

Today, I am teaming up with some of my bloggity blog friends to bring you a fabulous holiday giveaway!

Holiday Giveaway Graphic

Your hosts for the giveaway are:

Carrie Grace Shop | Blue Eyed Bride | A Night Owl Blog | Jenny Collier

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Use the Rafflecopter below to enter:

Good luck!!!!!

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